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What if we ran fire protection like our health care system?  Hilarious video!

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On July 18th Anne Feeney & Friends brought their Sing Out for Single Payer Roadshow to Portland. It was a great event and the SEIU 49 hall was rockin' all night! The event raised over $2500 to support the work of Jobs with Justice's Health Care Committee in pushing for Single Payer Health Care. Check out the photo gallery for pictures!


Single Payer Health Care Now!



Health care is increasingly one of the top issues for workers at the bargaining table.  The health care crisis that affects working families is felt deeply by all.  In 2003, over 600,000 Oregonians were without health insurance.  Over 78% of these uninsured Oregonians are from working families.  This has left many families forced to make choices between health insurance and putting food on the table. 

Jobs with Justice's Health Care Committee works with labor on addressing the root causes of this health care crisis and works toward achieving universal health care coverage for all.


The Health Care Committee's main focus is on:

  • Fighting for health care as a basic right by keeping the pressure on legislators, decision makers and bosses through strategic actions and mobilizations.
  • Assuring health care providers give their employees the respect, dignity and equality they deserve.


Health care costs in the U.S. are spiraling out of control, quickly outpacing wages.  In 2005, wages increased 4 %, while insurance premiums grew by 15%.  This has left an estimated 45 million people without health insurance in the United States—74% who come from working families. Approximately 1 million of those who lost their health insurance in 2005 have a full-time job. Children are profoundly affected by this crisis.  An estimated 8.5 million children are without healthcare in the U.S. 70% of these children come from families in which at least one adult is working.

The loss of health care benefits has been particularly prevalent for working people of color—10 million Latinos from working families are without health coverage, as are 20 percent of the African-Americans and 18 percent of Asian-Americans in this country (Americans for JwJ believes everyone in the US should have access to quality healthcareHealthcare 2007).  Most people fortunate enough to have any sort of coverage rely on employer insurance policies to reduce the load of health care costs. However, every year these costs increase and employers are putting more of the burden on the employee. Health care coverage has become a major source of leverage for employers at the bargaining table.  This is an opportune time to unite campaigns, pledgers, and activists and stand for a national reform that helps bring health care for all.


Ways to Get Active 

Get involved with the Jobs With Justice Health Care Committee.

Get involved with promoting passage of the US National Health Care Act (HR676)


Links to More Information on Health Care:

MEDICARE FOR ALL; Single-Payer for the USA.
Organizing citizen communication to U.S. Representatives, Senators and other officials to get single-payer health insurance passed into law.

SINGLE PAYER ACTION; Everybody in.  Nobody out.

Seeking to implement a single payer health insurance system in the United States.

Employees of Providence hospital working for fair election grounds rules in order to form a union.

HealthCare-Now!  Advocates for Expanded and Improved Medicare for All (current Federal bill H.R.676, aka the U.S National Health Care Act)

United Nurses of Legacy Campaign to improve staffing ratios and hospital working conditions for the benefit of employees and patients.


Document Actions

Within the next month and a half Congress is going to vote on Single Payer legislation. Now is the time for an all out push. Please help us make that happen!


Click here to donate to Single Payer Health Care radio ads. Make sure to put Health Care in the "Designation" field.

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