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Portland Jobs with Justice is a coalition of more than 90 labor organizations and community groups dedicated to protecting the rights of working people and supporting community struggles to build a more just society.

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Tax Day of Action

Portland activists marked tax day this week with a series of actions under the Portland Rising umbrella. 


At midday the 1% took on the forces of the 99% in a game of tax dodger-ball, organized by We Are Oregon, cheating and conniving their way into victory against teams representing Right 2 Dream, postal workers, medicare users, janitors, Verizon workers and others.  When the 99% joined forces at end of the game however, the tables were turned, and the 1% were easily defeated.


From there, the action moved to City Hall, where a bake sale was held to raise money for the essential public services that are being threatened through budget cuts.

From City Hall, we got on the Max, leafleting passengers in support of transit workers and the Fareless Square.

Post office rally

Finally, a rally was held at the main Portland Office, where the crowd heard about the manufactured crisis that threatens to close post offices and distribution centers next month, and that could be resolved without any recourse to tax money.  We were also reminded of the devastating impact that the closures will have on rural communities and the elderly, as well as on postal workers themselves.

All photos by Jerry Atkin.


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